How to get a California Driving Permit?

There are few steps in getting the driving permit for driver California education.

  • Driver’s California Education

All the approved courses are self-paced with no time limits. If anyone of you has not started yet then they must look in to the available course page. Everyone can approach and view all the courses of California Driver education before buying. Eleven lessons are there in with a spontaneous quiz at the end of each lecture. After the completion of the lesson, a test button is highlighted at bottom of the page. Once you will get passing score then you can see the final screen with shipping address and score for completion certificate. The certificate will be mailed without any shipment charges within 24 hours of next two to five business days. A confirmation email is also sent to show that test has been passed and now you should proceed for the next step. Guidance about the update of data required and the shipping address is also confirmed through email.

  • Preparation of Permit test:

After passing the Driver’s education course, people should prepare for the permit test. The California driver education handbook is available online free of cost in PDF format. There are many links available in our online service like the Parent-teen training guide and driver handbook. The printed copy of hand book can be also taken from the office. People should start studying the handbook and wait for the arrival of completion certificate. It might take some day to go through the whole book but the information given in book is very vital.

  • Take free practice permit test

Before going to give test, everyone should take some of the sample practice tests and be prepared for all the questions including phrases. The practice tests are also available in the American sign-language (ASL) and the Spanish.

Few basic requirements for getting a driving permit are following

  • If you are interested in earning a license but you are a minor. Then you don’t need to worry about it anymore because minors can give the test if they are about fifteen and a half.
  • Minor should have cleared the approved driver education course.
  • Minor should be having the completion certificate of California driver education.

Once you are at least fifteen and a half of age, you can take the written test for your permit. Tests are not given after four thirty prime meridian. Everyone should take some measures before permit tests:

  • A legal guardian or their signature with a completed application
  • The Certificate of the driver’s education completion
  • The Social Security card
  • Birth certificate
  • Application fee
  • Get yourself prepared for the vision test

All applicants are required to keep the permit for minimum six months, irrespective of age factor. Applicants should keep permit for six months before becoming eligible for the test. It is illegal for teens to drive alone at any time anywhere if you are having only the provisional certificate. Permits cannot be reviewed.

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